First Advertisements of the Virginia & Tennessee Rail Road ?

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Very interesting reading for sure.

How long, I wonder, would someone have to work in order to earn the $5.50 to pay the fare from Lynchburg to White Sulphur Springs in 1852?

Perhaps someone well versed in the concept of Time Value of Money might provide the answer.

Brian Gilleran
Herndon, VA

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> Well, that's a guess.  But I have never seen anything earlier than 1852 for the V&T.
> So the attached PDF contains the advertisements placed by the V&T RR in the brand-spanking-new Lynchburg Daily Virginian newspaper on its first three days of publication, August 10-11-12, 1852.
> Those advertisements show how far west the railroad was operating at that time, and what service was offered.  Perhaps something may have been run earlier in the Richmond newspaper.
> Were I not so taken-up with administering my Turnip Plantation and its associated fortune, I would scour every know source and piece together into one document every scrap of information on the V&T's early operating history.  But since I am presently engaged, this would be a good task for the Consulting firm of Blackstock Bundy Hamilton & Sandermann, Advisors, LLC.
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