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I too have ordered a few.  Don't know if I can match your order history though.  Not sure I have 11 friends to give the book to.  In the old days I could have donated them to public libraries.   Where I live a committee has to approve every book that goes on the shelf.  And if a book does not get a certain level of circulation they pull it from the shelves and it goes in the book sale for pennies. 

I guess we could donate some copies to our friends with small museums along the old N&W for them to sell in their "gift shop".  

That would benefit both parties.  

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Jim Stapleton

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I do like the offer made by Jim Brewer.
So far I have preordered 12 Ed King books since February 2021.
With the membership we have, if half would preorder we would be reading through those pages now.
If you have ever read anything on the N&W you would have had to have read something from Ed King.

Jeff Wood

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