Second Amtrak Train for Roanoke

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Too bad that there is no service between Petersburg - Roanoke like to good
old days.

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> From the Roanoke Times, just In
> Amtrak plans to launch a second daily passenger train this spring on the
> route between Roanoke and points to the north and east such as Lynchburg,
> Charlottesville and Washington, D.C., a rail official said.
> It could happen as early as March and as late as June, according to D.J.
> Stadtler, executive director of the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority.
> Stadtler said Thursday that the actual start date, along with the travel
> schedule, will be announced as soon as possible. A partnership between
> Amtrak, Norfolk Southern and the state of Virginia was still completing the
> plan.
> However, Stadtler was able to confirm what time the second train appears
> likely to operate.
> Estimates were created to explore the possibility of the Amtrak train
> stopping in Bedford for a couple of minutes to unload and receive new
> passengers on its way from Lynchburg to Roanoke and when going the other
> direction. In those planning documents, the second train to Roanoke would
> arrive at 1:45 p.m. The second train departing Roanoke would leave at 4:32
> p.m.
> “Those times are close. We think those times make sense,” Stadler said.
> No one can say for sure until a final agreement is signed.
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