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Mike:Here is some mile post research that you may find interesting -
1- From Mile Post N-150 at Farmville, VA to Mile Post N-162 west of Prospect, there were    12  consecutive "short miles" .  The distance from M. P. N-160 to M.P. N-161 is only 4,366 ft.     This part of the original main line is now out of service.       
2-  It was a practice on the Virginian Railway NOT to locate a mile post on a bridge or in a tunnel.     EXAMPLE:  Mile Post V230 to MP V231 - 5,280 feet.                         Mile Post V231 to  MP V232 (east end of Falling Creek viaduct - 5,023 feet)                         Mile Post V232 to  MP V233   - 5,664 ft.So Virginian had a multitude of "short miles" and "long miles".

I have nothing to add to the milepost discussion except that it shows that no matter what distances we put on our train layouts it’ll be correct.

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