Lynchburg woman dies after being struck by train in Campbell County

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Yes. I noticed that…..not in just this article.
Sadly the Editors who are supposed to read/review/approve articles have grammar, spelling, & syntax as bad as the reporters!  How did they ever get through “English Composition” classes??? 😖

Herb Edwards

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> Note reporter Ida Domingo's very elegant phrase, *the train's emergency whistle was engaged* ...
> More highly informed **journalism** from the same fine folks who call railroads **train companies,**  who call the freight hauled by railroads **cargo,** who call electrical transmission lines  **power cables,** and such-like ill-informed palaver, and who are generally unable to match the case, number and gender of a pronoun to its antecedent noun.
> Don't let your grandchildren major in **journalism**...  HA!
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