Cylinder Cocks on Mallets ?

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On the bigger engines like the J, the cylinder cocks are operated by a steam valve in the cab. By design, steam pressure from the is used to close the cylinder cocks. . That way, if an engine is moved without being fired up, any condensation can get out because the cylinder cocks are left open when not under steam.  Think of when the 611 was moved while on can hear air being sucked in and out of the cylinder cocks. Will SadlerSent via the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G, an AT&T 5G smartphone
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   One thing I never figured out while we still had steam...
   How are cylinder cocks handled on articulated engines?  On single engines, the cylinder cocks were actived by a single reach rod.
   But how were the cylinder cocks activated on Mallets?   Was it done pneumatically, from a single globe valve in the cab?
   -- abram burnett
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