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The attached portion of a 1962 topo map shows the route of the spur as it
headed North sandwiched between US52 and Maybeury Bottom Road.  I suspect
that the present Northern extension of  Maybeury Bottom Road lies over the
old roadbed.  The map also shows, I believe, a re-routing of Little Fork to
join Elkhorn Creek farther North than it had previously.
Jim Cochran

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> The N&W is not consistent with its nomenclature between departments. While
> the Stations & Sidings books refer to the branch line as the Left Fork of
> Elkhorn Branch the Track Charts referred to the line as the Angle Spur.
> Attached is a sheet from Hollinger Box HOL-00169.06.19. Angle Spur is
> located near N-379. Perhaps someone in Roanoke can find the date of the
> track chart.
> Alex Schust
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> Jim,
> Yes, your lines appear to be fairly close. From the junction, the new spur
> paralleled the old main on the same side of the hollow, the spur descending
> and the main ascending. By dropping down into the bottom from between the
> old and new mains, the new spur had access to both without interfering with
> construction.
> On Google Maps, if you trace the alignment of Maybeury Bottom Road and
> extend that gentle curve to the west, it should align with your white line.
> I recall track running through the backyards of homes fronting on Route 52
> as the spur headed up Angle Hollow. In about the middle of that curve, the
> old main curved across on Maybeury Trestle--abutment and footing remains
> are on the east side and a rock cut on the west.
> Regarding names after the war, Eckman dispatched the Switchback Mine Run,
> but it worked "up on the mountain,""Angle" or "Angle Branch"--not (Left
> Fork of) Elkhorn Branch and I guess the other fork was gone, Mill
> Creek/Barlow Hollow having closed by then (a Mill Creek was still working,
> but on the other side of the mountain). To be more specific from earlier,
> crews referred to the junction, spur and location as "Angle." I've seen
> "Angle Spur" on track charts.
> Grant Carpenter
> On 4/23/2021 6:08 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Alex, All,
> Attache is my best estimation of how the old main (red dotted line) and
> the 1950's added trackage (white dotted lines) would have been positioned
> on a current map.
> Any criticism, comments, conjectures, etc. will be greatly appreciated.
> Jim Cochran
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