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Yes, your lines appear to be fairly close. From the junction, the new 
spur paralleled the old main on the same side of the hollow, the spur 
descending and the main ascending. By dropping down into the bottom from 
between the old and new mains, the new spur had access to both without 
interfering with construction.

On Google Maps, if you trace the alignment of Maybeury Bottom Road and 
extend that gentle curve to the west, it should align with your white 
line. I recall track running through the backyards of homes fronting on 
Route 52 as the spur headed up Angle Hollow. In about the middle of that 
curve, the old main curved across on Maybeury Trestle--abutment and 
footing remains are on the east side and a rock cut on the west.

Regarding names after the war, Eckman dispatched the Switchback Mine 
Run, but it worked "up on the mountain,""Angle" or "Angle Branch"--not 
(Left Fork of) Elkhorn Branch and I guess the other fork was gone, Mill 
Creek/Barlow Hollow having closed by then (a Mill Creek was still 
working, but on the other side of the mountain). To be more specific 
from earlier, crews referred to the junction, spur and location as 
"Angle." I've seen "Angle Spur" on track charts.

Grant Carpenter

On 4/23/2021 6:08 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Alex, All,
> Attache is my best estimation of how the old main (red dotted line) 
> and the 1950's added trackage (white dotted lines) would have been 
> positioned  on a current map.
> Any criticism, comments, conjectures, etc. will be greatly appreciated.
> Jim Cochran

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