Origin of Switchback

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I am under the impression that  Archives photo DS00125 shows a connection
that was created to a portion of the old main line (at the higher
elevation) during the 1950's re-alignment.  You can view what is left of
this if you zoom in on the substation area on Google Maps.  Can anyone
confirm or refute?
Jim Cochran

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> The origin of Switchback goes back to at least 1892, and presumably to
> the original construction of the Elkhorn Extension.  Before the
> Construction of the Ohio Extension, the branch down into Maybeury
> would have been a true switchback off a dead-end branch instead of
> just another branch off of a mainline track.
> Archives drawing HS-H10236, N&W RR drawing 869, shows the word
> "Switchback" twice. It is applied to the track down to the bottomlands
> at Maybeury, in the same font as the words "Elkhorn Extension" and the
> names of various other branches, and also applied to the location
> between the switch diverges from the Elkhorn Extension main back up
> -hollow and down-hill to the mines.
> https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=146991
> A small excerpt of the full drawing is attached.
> Archives photo DS00125 is the same photo from the 2Q2014 issue of the
> Arrow that Chris Dalton mentioned, for those not inclined to dig out
> their back issues.
> https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=91333
> My thinking is that the track probably only reached the substation
> level and not all the way up to the power plant.
> I presume the power plant was directly fed by a nearby mine for its
> entire active lifetime?.
> Joe Shaw
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