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> Tom, as to your question
>    1. How did the railroad work Jenkin Jones (NW Mailing List)
> I was the 3rd trick and then 2nd trick yardmaster at Wilcoe in 1978 and
> early 1979.  I only made it up to Jenkin Jones twice as I recall.  Once
> with the Trainmaster orienting me during the winter coal strike in 1978,
> with my 2nd trip on the 2nd Tug when I became part of the crew as the
> Clerk's strike picket line prevented the full crew from coming to work the
> first day of the strike.  I must admit to having very little memory of the
> operations, I had worked a double shift and probably slept all the way to
> Jenkin Jones.  What I do remember most distinctly is sending the 2nd Tug up
> to Jenkin Jones with 60 short loads one day.  The mine typically called us
> early each morning and told us what they wanted, calliing much earlier than
> the General Yardmaster coming on duty at 7:00.  I don't remember what a
> typical day was, probably 20-30 short loads and mayby more empties.  We had
> 60 short loads at Wilcoe, I sent them to Jenkin Jones.  What I learned was
> that our 2nd Tug power, 3 SD units, could only get 16 short loads up the
> mountain at a time.  They didn't double the hill, they had to make at least
> 4 trips.  I had sent far too much out with the 2nd Tug and I was informed
> in no uncertain terms that I was never to do that again.  Looking back at
> my track charts, the climb up to Jenkin Jones was 2.5% compensated, little
> wonder they had to work so hard.

David Ray
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