429 in West Jefferson

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If you go to Google Earth you can still see the house behind the loco in the wye. Good point of reference. Anyone know if this was originally a railroad stucture? Looks like maybe residence now.  Chris Wrenn Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Tablet

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As I understand the track layout in WJ, the locomotive appears to be backing into the wye to turn and then return north on the branch. you are correct the regarding the location of the station in relation to the photographer and the trackside railcar shed and
 the section house near the trackside tank.

 R.D. Williams

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Someone was recently asking about track layout in WJ.  I found this image on ebay earlier this year showing a motorcar shed, the tank and background buildings that might help.  Notice baggage/RPO
 car at far right.  I think the station is behind the photographer over his left shoulder.
Jim King

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