Work Session, November 5-7, Volunteers Requested

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In between all the hard work, is anyone taking photos to post later in the
future, of what can be seen of the Shops emptied of all the locomotives,
equipment and such? While sad, it would be good to see some photos of what
it looks like since they shut down. 
Phil Miller

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Volunteers Requested November 5-6-7!

With some technical difficulties, we had to cancel our last scheduled work
session, but previously, we accomplished a lot, a full report will follow in
Talk Among Friends, which is going to be issued soon. Shelving was moved and
assembled at Shenandoah Avenue, a security fence was installed and we moved
a considerable amount of materials. 

Norfolk Southern has been very cooperative with our move and we appreciate
their cooperation and patience. We are moving a number of years of
accumulated materials, and it is dusty and dirty from storage and age.

Ron Davis and myself met with NS on Thursday and had a good meeting, and NS
has agreed to give us, for now, some of the material we have asked for, and
we are hopeful that more is to be given after they consult with Norfolk. But
we need to box up this material, and move everything we can to our new
storage space at the Shenandoah Avenue Annex.

Beginning on Thursday morning, November 5, I will be in Roanoke for the
move.  We need volunteers; our intent is to get a dock-height truck on
Friday and pallet jacks at each location, where we can have a team to stage
at the beginning, and another team at Shenandoah to unload and move into our
area Several volunteers a day would be excellent. We are trying to move this
way to save money on professional movers. If we are given additional
material from NS, that will be a separate move, and we will not know that
until after this session. It is hoped we can move all this in a single day,
and if we get good working teams like previously, it should not be an issue.
Hopefully, if everything works well, we will be able to move everything on
Friday, but we are prepared to work Saturday as necessary.

I have negotiated a nightly rate of $49.99 with the Motel Six that is
located just off of I-81 Exit 137 in Salem. At the bottom of the ramps, turn
right on Wildwood Road, and it is just down the street on the right It is
convenient to Salem eateries and shopping centers along Route 11/460/West
Main Street.

While rather rudimentary, certainly not either The Hotel Roanoke or The
Greenbrier, it is, nonetheless, clean and functional. Rooms have cable TV,
and a microwave and refrigerator are provided. Most importantly, I have
stayed there many times without encountering bed bugs!

Each morning, we will report to the N&WHS Salem Ave. archives between 8:30 -
9:00 a.m., with the work to commence shortly thereafter. Refreshments will
be provided; there will also be breaks in the morning and afternoon.

As long as this COVID-19 Pandemic continues, social distancing needs to be
practiced and masks must be worn while on N&WHS or NS premises at all times.

I look forward to working with fellow members and others who wish to
participate, Please contact me at 304-633-8512 or send an email to:
caseyatkenova at This way we can be sure who is coming.Thanks!


President, N&WHS
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