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Jim, You made me realize that I’ve never seen a photo of a Y or A on the Norfolk turntable. Obviously because it was only 100 ft. Here’s a photo showing the 611 using the full length of the table. I guess J’s and Z1’s were the largest that were turned. Thanks for the reminder.   John Garner, Newport VA


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According to Prince, the turntable at Lamberts Point was only 100' (which might have turned a J) but a loop was constructed  later to turn the longer Y and  A class engines.


Jim Nichols


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They used a turntable, which, at least in a Google Map view shows it was still in today.


However, in the ensuing years since the end of steam, the lead to the turntable had been modified and they were wary of turning 611 on the table.


They really did not count on the tighter radius on one of the curves on the balloon tracks, and derailed 611 there. I was eating dinner in the Hotel Restaurant when one of the crew came in looking for one of my dinner companions with news they had derailed the 611.


It was easily rerailed, but they spooked almost everyone one, and the next morning, 611 was still sitting near the station facing timetable east. We went west behind two GEs if I recall correctly, and 611 followed behind. Everyone was so concerned they did not even try to turn it on the wye at Poe.


This lead to a test trip a few weeks later from Roanoke to Bluefield, then to Iaeger to make sure it would be able to turn in those places before the planned trips.


If I recall correctly, the 611 arrived just a few hours before scheduled departure for Alexandria on Labor Day.


Ken Miller

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On Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 12:14 AM Abram wrote:


In Norfolk, where were N&W  passenger engines turned and serviced? 


At Lambert's Point  ... ?


Related to this, how were engines turned? Turntable? If so, when was it removed? On its inaugural excursion from Roanoke to Norfolk, J 611 was to be turned on the balloon track around Lambert's Point. However, it didn't make it because the radius had been tightened over the years so the rigid set of drivers no longer "fit" in the curvature. The excursion returned behind diesels and the J was hauled backwards to Roanoke in a separate move.


Bruce in Blacksburg


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