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 I originally had laid that south crossover turnout before building the
yard section. However, the grade of the yard caused the vertical height
difference from the main was too high.  So I had to compromise.  If I were
to do it over, I would have made the yard flatter so I could get that south
crossover in.  As it is now, a southbound train with a set-off runs around
the train and shoves the cut into the yard.

Jim Brewer

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> Jim,
> Where is the crossover to get into the south end of the yard?
> Jimmy Lisle
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> All
> If the moderator has permitted, attached are three photos of my layout.
> This is the final section to be built and represents Waynesboro, VA.  The
> C&O crossed over N&W here, there was a N&W yard, with a turntable, and
> interchange with C&O.  There were many industries in the area on the north
> and south belt lines. Additionally, N&W served the DuPont plant and other
> on-line industries.
> The N&W and C&O depots, and surrounding areas, are all scratchbuilt.
> Likewise, the houses are scratchbuilt and represent what is/was there to be
> best that can be determined.
> I have visited this area several times; however, most of the on-line
> industries, except for Dupont, have been gone a long time; there are
> remnants of the industries on the Belt lines (the C&O Freight House is
> still standing); I would be interested in any photographs of the area,
> particularly as they relate to those industries served by N&W.  I know
> there was a large coal trestle and team track area that is to the north and
> west of the N&W depot; there were also some industries south of the depot
> and I would love to find out more about them.
> Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
> Jim Brewer
> Glenwood MD
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