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Great info, Alex.  Thanks!

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> I don’t think Abingdon branch was included in the N&W ICC Valuation as 
> it was being operated as the independent subsidiary Virginia & 
> Carolina in 1916 when the initial data collection for the ICC 
> Valuation started. The same applies to the New River, Holston & 
> Western. I did find the NRH&W ICC Valuation at the Archives, but it is 
> not highly detailed as in the N&W provided data and some of the data 
> is incorrect.
> The N&W’s 23rd Annual Report, dated December 31, 1918, noted, “After 
> protracted discussion, representatives of the transportation systems 
> of the country and of the United States Railroad Administration came 
> to an understanding in October, 1918, as to the standard clauses of an 
> agreement between the parties pursuant to the Federal Control Act.
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