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Thank you for your kind words. He didn't quite make 96 but he almost made 94. He appreciated his long friendship with you begun in the Motive Power Dept in Roanoke. I loved his memory of being on the balcony in the Tool Room and feeling it sway as a steam locomotive was being lifted and moved over in the Erecting Shop. In his early career he covered almost every inch of East End Shop asking the shop men to donate to the weekly Red Cross blood drive. So many other memories!

John Garner,  Newport VA

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Yesterday's Roanoke Times had an obituary for Coyte Lee Garner, Sr., 96, retired Assistant Manager NS Physical Laboratory, Roanoke, and father of NWHS member, John Garner.  Interestingly the obituary noted, "He (Coyte) was a lifelong admirer of N&W's finest, home-built steam locomotives."

I knew Coyte from our association on the N&W and NS, and I soon learned that Coyte was  a real gentleman and a deeply religious person.

I know that many in the NWHS who know John share my expression of condolences to him in the loss of his father.

Gordon Hamilton

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