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Thanks to Gene for sharing this MOW Big Hook site. I remember when I was a young boy it was always fun to play with my toy wrecker trucks. Then when I got a model train car with a big boom my imagination just went wild! I’m going to dedicate this “Big Hook” website to “Mr. Train Crane” my good friend Charlie L.! I bet most of you have that special crane lover to share this with. BTW, I did get a chance to fulfill my boyhood dream when I got to operate a P&H 20 Ton overhead crane on rails while I was working my way through college. That was fun. If I had been more thoughtful I should have gone to work for N&W’s Roanoke, Va. East End Shops. Well I was twenty years old and you know what the saying is about hindsight? LOL!
Stay safe and feel free to share with your friends!

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Subject: Wreck trains and the Big Hook

Here’s a neat site that I just stumbled on with a lot of photos of wreck trains in action. – Gene


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