West Roanoke / Shaffers Crossing Aerial Image, 1920s or 1930s

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Sun Jun 21 09:55:58 EDT 2020

Drawings of Roanoke Yard in the archives show:

N&W drawing #10000-J dated Feb 13, 1939 shows the Kroger warehouse and
the siding serving same. (HS-U00496)

N&W drawing #10000-F dated Aug 15, 1933 does NOT show the Kroger warehouse
or the siding. (HS-W00160)

A blueprint copy of #10000-F marked-up in June 1937 for the construction
of cyclone fencing around the yard shows no break or gate in fence where
the siding would be. (HS-W00231)

Bottom line, I see no reason to suspect the Hagley Museum's date.

Joe Shaw

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