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Jim King:I may have some insight for the three year sample of traffic.  Thestatistics compiled by a group of "know-it-all" computer geeks apparentlyfailed to use the correct parameters (?) and the results made theAbingdon Branch comparable to the Norfolk Division for traffic flow, soN&W used hand-cranked figures -- fewer, but correct.  In reality, theAbingdon Branch was hauling an average of  7 revenue cars per week.  Thereal killer was the cost of bridge maintenance -- 101 bridges Abingdonto West Jefferson and the majority were all timber.
One of the largest opponents of the abandonment was the elderly ownerof the West Jefferson newspaper.  Every October, N&W had operated anexcursion train to West Jefferson and she did not want to see it disappear.At the end of the abandonment hearing one Friday, the ICC Commissionerlooking down at his itinerary asked her if she had any comments or questions.No response.  He looked up and saw her nodding.    
                                                                           Harry Bundy

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