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Our British cousins had a lot of red locomotives. The London, Midland and
Scottish Railway's streamlined Coronation class from the late 1930s were
perhaps the prettiest. This is a photo of one of them, named "Duchess of




The passenger coaches were painted to match the color and stripes on the
locomotive. The Coronation class made over 2500HP at the drawbar and were
easily capable of more than 100MPH on their runs between London and Glasgow.
"Duchess" and her matching coaches came to the US in 1939 for a national
tour ending at the New York Worlds Fair. She was stuck in the US for the
duration when WW2 broke out in Europe. 


The first five locomotives in the class were painted light blue with silver
stripes as were their passenger cars. That color scheme was just


Rob Doorack

North Andover, MA


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Along the lines of THIS South African 4-8-4. 

AKA The Red Devil,   

Built in 1981.  42 inch gauge.  91 ft 6 in

Pretty hefty for narrow gauge

However; You propose different striping. 

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Jim S

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I've attached a photo of train 13 at Shenandoah Jct c. 1950. The BMh is
coupled next to a PRR B60.  Interesting to see the resemblance of the two.
This was a from a slide set sold by Audio-Visual Designs in the 1970's. The
color has shifted with age.



I know I will be chased out of town, but looking at this color-shifted photo
again today got me thinking a red loco with a wide gold stripe would have
looked nice.  Carry the stripe through the train and even better.   

OK, I will go back on my meds. 

Take care

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