Y6a funding, etc.

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As pointed out the deal was for a limited time and that is that. Many
museums don't have the same mentality of something being specific to a
different place than THEIRS, as their prevailing attitude is IT;s MINE and
always will be and that's that, no matter what, never minding a home
elsewhere might really be a better served idea than elsewhere.

Even though management and jurisdictions have changed of the St. Louis
group over the years, just recall that maybe it was 20 years ago, some
Lackawanna folks desired to get the Camelback engine which had been in St.
Louis's care and custody for decades back to home rails and whatever plans
and reams they might have had. Politics and nastiness got involved and
ultimately the court and the St. Louis group was permitted to keep "THEIR"
toy, no matter other ideas. I suspect much the same mentality exists even
today: it's provincial, and that's that.

As for purchasing it from them: HA, good luck. Just on provincial grounds I
am sure no amount of money could steer it away from St. Louie's ownership

As for repairs and return to operability, let's get a life here. Recent
history - the UP Big Boy cost UP well over (or so it was purported) in
excess of $20 million to restore to what we saw last year. They had the
shops and everything to do it in house and you think you want to return it
to operation? The loco has been out in all kinds of weather, snow, ice,
freeze, thaw cycles, etc. for close to 60 years and not a far more
hospitable southern California climate. And you think the great big Y would
be much less?

However well intentioned, the VMT hasn't even been able to get the
necessary funds to properly store and service their beloved J since that
restoration started, and it's a fraction of the cost of restoring the Y6a.*
Western Maryland Scenic* hasn't been able to get all $$$$$ needed for its
loved toy and look at all that has gone thru. All of these should be
lessons into the real world of such things: dey t'ain't cheap and dey
t'ain't easy.

In many ways, my hat goes off to the VMT for realizing its own financial
weaknesses: don't play with a Champaign appetite and a beer wallet and they
see to have figured that out.

I'm not against such plans and dreams, but, guys - let's get a dose of
reality here. Unless you have access to the Bill Gates' foundation/s type
place for necessary funding, be reasonable and be serious. Let's be
thankful for the five years that 2156 has been away from its owner for that
in itself was a major accomplishment. How many other times has that group
loaned out ANYTHING?

Bob C.
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