Abingdon Branch pax photos

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“Pax” is a shorthand term some folks use as a substitute for “passenger”.

- Ed King

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Pardon me betraying my ignorance, but I have been having trouble understanding the word **pax** as it has been appearing in this thread of posts. 

To me, **pax** is a Latin noun meaning **peace,** and I think the little word is also used as the name for a small village in West Virginia.  Neither of those interpretations fit in this context. 

What does **pax** mean in this thread?  Is it a misprint? 
-- /s/  Burnett & Sons, Turnip Vinters 
Walton Wye, Va. 
"He who sells what isn't his'n, 
         Must buy it back or go to pris'n." 
-- "Deacon" Daniel Drew (1797-1887) discussing Short-Selling. 
Cattleman, Hudson River Boatman, Railroad Tycoon and Crook 

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