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I'm trying to find ownership history of P3 coach #531. The history on
the N&WHS website's roster page reads a little funny: "Converted 1982
at Roanoke Shops for excursion service; no air conditioning; installed
raise window sash. 1991 sold donated 1973 to Cass Scenic Railroad.,
Atlanta, GA"
According to a roster by Jim Cochran in the May/June 1996 Arrow, the
car was donated to Atlanta Rail Car Company in 1991 for use in the NS
steam program, but my searches for the car under this ownership
haven't turned up anything.
Recent pictures show it owned by TVRM, but I couldn't find it listed
on their own website.
Does anyone have more complete information? I assume like a lot of the
N&W cars it was converted to open window for excursions while still
lettered N&W in the 1980s, then was sold or donated in the early 90s
to be rebuilt to meet the new standards for the excursion train in its
later years, but how was it painted and lettered after rebuilding for
the early 90s excursions?
Marty Flick

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