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While I am sure others have a better knowledge, from my understanding the merger allowed the separate companies to survive.  So both the N&W and Southern were two separate entities and NS Corp. was the holding company.  

Everything did not become fully Norfolk Southern until some 20 years later.  So yes in 1984 the Pokey would still be N&W.
Another good way to tell when the merger and all companies became NS is watch for the sub lettering on former Southern locos( i.e. CNOTP, AGS and so forth), same is true for the NW on N&W locos. When this sub lettering disappeared NS was the surviving company.

Southern had to change the lettering for the original NS to CRN for Carolina North Western so the NS reporting mark could be used.  

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> If the NS Corporation became effective June 1, 1982, how come the Pocahontas Division track map dated January 1, 1984 was still labeled N&W and the Pokey was still using N&W symbols to identify their trains thru 1984.  Was there a transition period and when did it end?  Could one still refer to the Pokey as being N&W thru 1984?
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