Roanoke Map - 1890 - Roanoke Development Company by BAIST

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 Attached is a very interesting 1890 Roanoke map I found yesterday in the
New York Public Library collection.  It is a Roanoke Development Company
map of Roanoke and published by the well-known G.W. Baist Company in

Some features:

1.  Salem Avenue is shown as crossing the railroad at what we now call
Shaffers Crossing, and no tunnels are indicated.  Notice that, for intents
and purposes, the yard ends east of Salem Avenue at Shaffers Crossing.

2.  The location of the Rorer Mines Narrow Gauge across the West End
section of Roanoke is clearly plotted, as its connection with the N&W at
12th St.

3.  West Roanoke Station (which we have discussed before) is indicated on
the map, not far west of the City Line (shown by a yellow line.)  Pay
attention to the N&W line shown passing from this station in a
southeasterly direction, crossing the property of the Roanoke Iron
Company's West End Furnace, crossing to the south side of the river, thence
passing eastwardly through what is now the Wasena section, and eventually
joining the Rorer Mines Narrow Gauge.  This was no doubt a cartographer's
conjecture about where the future Roanoke Belt Line would be located.  As
built just a year or so later, the west end of the Belt Line joined the
main line about 4,000 feet further west, and the proposed route of the
Roanoke & Southern is shown.

I apologize that the finished product is not sharper.  The NYPL image was
not the sharpest, and it may be the case that the original was not of the
best quality.

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-- abram burnett


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