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> Bill,
> Where can I find images of the WSS Mikes shopped by the N&W? I’m 
> curious how close of a family resemblance they had with the 
> pre-streamlined K2s.
> Matt Goodman
> Columbus Ohio US

Howdy Matt

One of the many N&W books I have on the shelf has a nice clear photo of 
one, but naturally I cannot find it right now.   I did find a photo of a 
SAL 2-6-6-4 and C&NW 2-8-2  that the N&W shopped during the war.    
Weird to see the loco with a C&NW logo with the N&W Shop sign in the 

Here is a scan of a photo in The Winston-Salem Southbound Railway book 
from 1996 by Jeff Miller and Jim Vaughn.   Not a great pix, but I was 
able to darken it a bit to show more detail that was in the original 
photo.    There are a couple more photos in that book of the 2-8-2s, but 
this is the best one.

My plan one of these days is to use a USRA 2-8-2 as a starting place for 
an HO model of the WSS loco.  Should be fun.

Take care

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