Winston-Salem Passenger Trains at Roanoke

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I will defer to others to may have a larger data base than mine. But I recall riding the Winston Salem train once, it was on a Sunday not long before it was discontinued about 1961.

The train consisted of a Tuscan red GP9, a baggage/mail car and a coach (non-streamlined).  It backed out of the station to the west, switched tracks, and then proceeded around the wye to the Winston Salem line. I don’t recall what the returning route at the station was.

     Ray Smoot

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Since the distance between the western end of the platform for track 4 at Roanoke and the turnout to Winston Salem was 540 feet, how did the passenger trains to/from the WS District operate?  Was there enough room west of the turnout for the entire train including engine to arrive/depart there?  Or did each train have to back into/out of the station and use the east leg of the wye to reach the WS line?  Anybody remember?
Glenn Fisher
Cornwall PA
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