Growing Turnips along the N&W

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Well done Joe!     And well said.   I say make a nice size print (2 copies).
One to Abram; and one for display at the archives.  : )    John Garner

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I will step up and take the blame/credit for this, although I had the
assistance of some co-conspirators who can name themselves if they chose.

It all started several months ago when someone joking asked if a drawing
that mentioned the N&W Expirimental Farm at Ivor showed a turnip patch.
That lead to a watch for drawings of the farm that could be 'adjusted'
to show such a thing, but that drawing has yet to be uncovered.

When we came across the source drawing that mentioned cultivation and was on
the Radford Division, we knew we had a winner. Fortunately, the original
drawing already contained all of the letters we needed to perform the
digital equivalent of 'cutting out letters from the newspaper to make a
ransom note' like one sees in the movies and on TV (or used to anyway). So
the modifications were not terribly difficult. We held onto the modified
drawing for over a month waiting for the right day to post it. Comedy is all
about timing, they say.

For the record, the database entry we linked to is the accurate original
drawing, and it does show the early tower outside the wye and the nearby
mill as stated.

Consider it an expression of gratitude for all your contributions to this
list, as that was the spirit in which it was intended.

Stay safe, everyone!

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA

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