Switchtenders at Roanoke

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Jeff,   Thank you for the reply and your edits. Just gave it a first look over. Very helpful. May have some questions later.      John Garner


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Sorry to be late in responding to your query.


I am attaching your list, with my comments. I hope this is what you are looking for. And you are correct that you can get different perspectives from different folks. Hope this helps your memories.


Jeff Sanders



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Abram, Excellent reply. Much appreciated. Never heard of ‘Huff Mill’ as a reference point for the Operating Dept in Roanoke Terminal. Interesting history.


That got me to thinking, based on my growing up in Roanoke, and your interesting post of late regarding train operations in Roanoke, to compile a list of ‘named’ locations that operating men commonly referred to in day-to-day operations. Obviously such a list would vary throughout the years but it still would be interesting to compile. It would help show the complexity of operating even a medium size terminal such as Roanoke . I’ve attached a rough starting point. If you (or anyone) cares to add to it or correct the geographical order please be my guest. My knowledge on the operating side is limited.


John Garner, Newportonian, Virginian



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