N&W Bridges

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You also have the Twin Double track Camel Back Truss bridges at Maybeury, WV, where the line comes out of Elkhorn Tunnel and crosses over Hwy 52, headed west. Years ago Overland Models released a run of this bridge in HO scale. They can occasionally be found on e-Bay.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA

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Bill - the first three examples that come to mind are:
(1)  West of Matewan WV; the double track main line passes through side by side thru truss bridges;
then tunnels; then another pair of side by side truss bridges as it crosses back into WV.
(2)  Crossing the Ohio River at Kenova WV:  Double track multi span through truss bridge, possibly
the heaviest truss bridge on the system.
(3)  Former VGN; skewed single track through truss which crosses over the N&W double track near
Singer VA, several miles west of Salem VA.

There may be others; but not popping into my mind at the moment.

Jerome Crosson; NWHS; St. Peters MO.

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Did the N&W (circa 1950s) have any truss bridges?  Or combination truss bridge/girder bridge?

I have seen many pictures of trestle bridges (some quite impressive) on the N&W system, but not a single truss bridge I can find in print or video.

I am modeling the N&W (all steam) and have a dramatic water feature I would line to cross as authentically as possible.  Any reference to good source material on N&W bridges would be appreciated.  I have O. Winston Links' photographic book "The Last Steam Railroad in America."

Thank you for any photos you might be able to forward.

Bill Demarest
Gainesville, Va.
mgj21932 at yahoo.com
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