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Wed Mar 25 18:59:15 EDT 2020

     A few other things remembered.
Between the Coat Rack and the Hump building lied the Shop Tracks. There 
was also the old Icing Platform (still standing in '72) and the Norfolk 
& Shenandoah Div. cab tracks were beside of it. The track closest to the 
Hump building, where "DO" was located at one time, was the "North 
Trimmer". It connected the lead at "606" to the lower side (east end) of 
the Hump track on the north side. Directly across the Hump and coming 
off of Rt.66 was the "South Trimmer" going to the lower side of the hump 
on the south side.
     The Hump bowl was referred to as The Forties, ending at 16th St. 
where the Forwarding Yard began. Then there was an area, that I can't 
remember where it was located, called "Sleepy Hollow".

Whew! My head hurts ;)
Jimmy Lisle

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