N&W No. 9 mail service on the Bristol Line

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 The document's listing for No 10, the EB equivalent of No. 9, says that the Knoxville-Roanoke "M&B" comes into Bristol on Southern train No. 4. I don't have any Southern timetables for that period until 1958 and there's no No. 4 by then, but logic says there was probably a "No 3" that took the "M&B" car beyond Bristol to Knoxville.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Most every day, you could count on Nos. 9-10 having a 5-car consist -- 4 head end cars anda heavyweight coach. Circa 1957, N&W elected to transfer the head end traffic toNos. 45-46 and discontinue Nos. 9 - 10.  Remember, this was a Virginia-only train andN&W did not have to receive Federal permission to discontinue service -- only Virginia'spermission was needed.  In seeking permission from the Commonwealth of Virginia, N&Wcited lack of passenger patronage as the reason for discontinuance.    Harry Bundy  
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