N&W No. 9 mail service on the Bristol Line

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.  The document's listing for No 10, the EB equivalent of No. 9, says that the Knoxville-Roanoke "M&B" comes into Bristol on Southern train No. 4. I don't have any Southern timetables for that period until 1958 and there's no No. 4 by then, but logic says there was probably a "No 3" that took the "M&B" car beyond Bristol to Knoxville.
Southern Railway's Knoxville Div. Time Table #40 eff. 12:01 AM May 7, 1944 showsNo. 4 was scheduled to arrive Bristol at 9:35 AM.  It had 11 scheduled stops and 5  flagstops from Morristown to Bristol.  There was no No. 3 in that time table, but there wasa No. 5 scheduled to leave Bristol at 12:15 PM.with four scheduled stops to Morristown.                                                                                       Harry Bundy  
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