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Your report on the Chicago-Cincinnati mail and express train raises a matter that I might have some insight on.

During the early and mid 1960s I spent considerable time at the Southern Railway station (Kemper Street) and wrote down in notebooks (which I still have) the consist of passenger trains. Train No. 46, the northbound Tennessean, always arrived in Lynchburg mid-afternoon with from two to six mail and express cars attached to its end which were put on in Roanoke. These cars were from Cincinnati and Chicago and destined for Greensboro and Charlotte on the Southern. Presumably they were brought to Roanoke from Cincinnati on N&W No.4 (The Pocahontas), taken off at Roanoke and several hours later attached to the end of No.46 which took them to Monroe, Va (the division point seven miles north of Lynchburg) where two hours later they were put on Southern mail and express No.19 (Washington- Atlanta) and taken to Greensboro and Charlotte. Thus, they were only brought as far as Roanoke on No. 4 and them travelled to Lynchburg and points south as discussed above.

I believe the reverse movement was handled by Southern No. 30 (Peach Queen) to Monroe, then to Roanoke on No. 41 (Pelican). How they were handled from Roanoke to Cincinnati I don’t know but there were on two trains (No. 25 and No 3) on this route by this time.

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