CPL signals and how they operate

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> Well, from what you had to deal with every day on your job, the 
> advantages of speed signaling would not be apparent.  All you had to 
> remember was 30 MPH through main track turnouts and 10 MPH through 
> Randolph St and the Roanoke Station. 

     Well, you have your speeds wrong, but, that is to be expected since 
you have been gone away so long.
Not knowing the area you describe, I cannot comment on that. However, I 
can see where the speed system might be best for that area. That doesn't 
mean that it is in any way superior to the route system. The N&W rule 
book at one time was written as "Speed" signaling then changed to route 
with the only big difference being the name of the indication. Which 
brings us back to what system you "grew up" on. To this "Route boy", the 
aspects made sense and it was easy to remember the speed limits that I 
operated over. I knew where I was going and how fast to get there. 
Looking at the "Speed" rules all of the different names did not 
correspond to the which route one was taking.
     So, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree!

Jimmy Lisle

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