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At Halsey (actually within the city limits of Lynchburg) there was a coal dealer and Lynchburg Ready Mix (concrete) and perhaps one other industry served in the 1950s.  There was a derailment of an engine (steam) at Halsey around 1955-57 and I recall going there and watching the work to re-rail it.  Many others gathered also and in this different time there was no effort by N&W to restrict watchers from the site.

Interestingly, the original N&W mail line from Forest to Halsey is still in place to service the concrete plant still at Halsey.

    Ray Smoot

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Although I am still working on the Radford Division on my way east, I did come across the Halsey Shifter which worked out of Roanoke to Halsey and Bedford.  It left town behind a Z-1 after 7 am and returned around 9 pm.  I know that there was a limestone quarry at Blue Ridge but perhaps others can comment on the customers at Halsey, Bedford and elsewhere.

Glenn Fisher
Cornwall PA
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