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Love the picture of the RS11/RS36’s.  I went back and looked at the other picture again and did notice the fan difference.  I have also found these fans on some N&W SD40’s and other models.  Which poses a question, did N&W keep the fans from the GP9’s and GP18’s and refit them to other locos needing fan replacement quickly to put them back in service?  We debated not seeing the 36” fan but decided that it would not be seen because of the angle and larger 48” fan.

Another note on the loco in question, while looking this morning I can see the three brake cylinders per truck on the far loco as well.

Ed,  I hope you do not mind my saving these photograph’s for my modeling purposes.

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> I've blown up the pic and looked a several times...........with the angle and distance of the shot to that specific locomotive I can pick out 4 large fan housings on the roof......I'll take your all's word for it being a SD35 but I can't see the smaller fan that would be located between the 2 large fans to the long hood end.  Did you note the difference in the fan housings (tapered tops) versus the norm as can be seen on the SD45?   
> Here's another interesting shot I took when I lived in NE Ohio at my favorite place to shoot N&W roster/locomotive shots, Brewster, OH.  Sort of interesting catching a set of 3 (2 RS36's and 1 RS11) units together like this  Between all the dirt, repainting, and washing solutions its hard to tell if the units are all blue or maybe 330 is black?  Anyway during this period N&W units all suffered this issue of paint and lack of cleanliness. (I have 3 of Rapido's Pevler Blue RS11's on pre-order).  Love these locomotives and its fantastic thanks to Rapido that we finally have an accurate model of an N&W RS11 in HO.  Hope they'll do additional runs in Black with Script and half moon heralds!  
> Note: that N&W only had 6 (407-412) 400 series RS36's on the roster.  There were additional RS36's by way of the NKP in the 2800 series (2865-2873 were low hood and 2874 and 2875 that were high hood and the only 2 RS36's built that had steam generators installed.
> Ed Painter - member #70 from Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA
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> Ed,
> In the past week or so I shared this picture with Bob Harpe at a RPM meet and we discussed it thoroughly.  Bob told me to take a look at the lead loco(far end of picture) again.  Upon studying it we concluded it is a SD35 and not a GP40.  There were two things Bob pointed out, first there are two dynamic brake fans, second is the “lip” over the radiator grill only used on the EMD “35” series.
> Again I want to thank you for posting the picture and please keep posting them.  This is a very interesting picture and set of locomotives.

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC

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