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> The first fast-food *burger joint* I ever saw, and possibly the first 
> one in Roanoke,  was located on Brandon Road, at the foot of the hill 
> below the Towers, on the spot now occupied by the Kroger gas station; 
> if memory serves, the burgers cost twenty cents.  One day I walked 
> over from my newspaper route, purchased a burger, and quickly 
> developed a dislike for greasy fast food.
Said "/burger joint/" was the "Burger Chef".  I was twelve when it 
opened up. Up until then I couldn't stand a hamburger. Hot dogs were 
what I lived on. Anyway, a friend's mother took us there for lunch and 
they didn't have hot dogs, only burgers. However, they weren't your 
normal fried hamburger. They were "Char-broiled" burgers. So, I tried 
one and I fell in love with them!

Jimmy Lisle

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