N&W Alco C420 415 at Roanoke during August of 1972

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One of 44 GP30's purchased by the N&W, numbers 522 to 565.  They all had
high short hoods with dual cab control stands, and dynamic brakes.  The
long hood was designated front.  In addition to these 44 GP30's the N&W
received 10 GP30's from the Nickel Plate during the 1964 merger.  These had
low/standard short hoods, didn't have dynamic brakes, single control
stands, and the short hood was designated front.

Ed Painter, member #70 - living in Cohutta, GA from Narrows, VA  (sorry
about not putting this information with the C420 post yesterday!)

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> One of the major model railroad model railroad producers is in the process
> of scanning all my 50K, 35mm slades for technical detail for designing and
> manufacturing future models.  I've been having fun looking at them as I get
> the digital files back.  The scanning technology they're using is
> fantastic.  Add a bit of Photoshop to the scan and you can really make them
> look good.
> The N&W had 9 Alco C420's.  8 were purchased by the N&W directly like 415
> pictured here.  As was N&W's practice at the time of purchase they had dual
> cab control stands, dynamic brakes, high short hoods, and the long hood
> designated front.
> The 9th came by way of merger in 1964 from the Nickel Plate.  It had a
> single cab control stand, no dynamic brakes, a standard low short hood, and
> the short hood designated front.  It was the Nickle Plates' only C420
> having been purchased as a replacement for a wrecked RS11.
> All were off the roster in 1977-78.
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