Virginian Ry Yellow Paint for D-Engines

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What are D-thingies?
Weren't the EL-2B's painted black with yellow?
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works 

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Is anything known of the VGN's deicision to paint its D-thingies in yellow and black?

Such as:  Was there any antecedent or some inspiration for the idea?  Who advocated the idea?  Who made the decision?  What was the first engine so painted?  What company supplied the paint?  Does any correspondence on this subject survive?  Was the paint formula ever adjusted for color/shade/etc over the years?  Why were the big EL-2B (*rectifier*) engines not painted in yellow and black?

I think the firm of Jerome Sandermann & Associates should get busy and write up everything that is known relating to  this topic !

-- abram burnett

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