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A picture and report on the wreck of No. 15 was published on page 249 of “The Norfolk & Western in West Virginia 1 1881-1959” available from the NWHS Commissary.


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Excerpts from ICC Railroad Accident Report #98 


Railroad           - Norfolk and Western

Date                 - October 20, 1912

Location           - Cooper, WV

Train number   - 15 - Condr. Walters and Engr. Cowling

Engine number- 584

Consist            - 7 cars

Time                - 8:52  a.m.

Casualties       - 1 killed; 18 injured

Cause             -  Excessive speed on a 16 degree curve


NOTE:  No. 15 was detoured on the eastbound main track- Bluestone-



"Conductor Walters stated that before leaving Bluestone, the engine-

man said the engine 'was not much account and he did not know whether

he would be able to get up the hill or not'.  It is probable that Engineman

Cowling, fearing that he would be unable to get up the grade from Cooper

to Ruth disregarded the speed restriction at this point and maintained

speed which proved to be too high for this curve . . . . .  . .He had been in 

passenger service for 11 years and was considered a competent engine-

man, although he had a reputation among employees of being a fast


                                                              Harry Bundy

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