Compressed Natural Gas

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Tue Oct 15 20:30:17 EDT 2019

The following paragraph excerpted from the October 2019 Railway Age 
magazine involves NS and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and should be of 

"Norfolk Southern, which according to Director of Locomotives Mark Duve 
'really wanted to try CNG,' will be conducting a minimum-six-month test 
on a 400-mile, four-crew-district stretch of its Pocahontas Division 
between Williamson, W. Va., and Lambert's Point, Norfolk, Va., in 
'captive' coal loop (loads and empty returns) service.  CNG refueling, 
conducted by Roanoke Gas Company, and locomotive servicing will take 
place midway at Shaffer's Crossing in Roanoke, Va., BNSF is loaning two 
EMD locomotives originally used in its LNG testing program, 9130 and 
9131, to NS.  CNGMotive will provide the tender, fueling infrastructure, 
maintenance and training."

Gordon Hamilton

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