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I did a search and found some info that might be it: Laurel Fork & Mendota
Railroad Co

This link is for a file from the "Manufacturers Record - Exponent of
America" dated August 23, 1923. Looks like the Business Week or Wall St.
Journal of its day. 

Page 95, right hand column at the link below talks about it. Attached is a
screenshot of part of that page. Sorry it's not real clear to read. 
It talks about an application filed to the ICC to build a railway running
from Mendota, Virginia to Kingsport, Tennessee. It would connect from the
Southern Railway to the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio. John M. Kreger of
Abington is the President.

Phil Miller

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This morning Joe Shaw pulled a drawing from the files, to scan. This is one
of the ever present things of work sessions.

While not in the database as yet, it will be soon.

It is titled "Map showing location and profile for LF&M RR from Saltville to
Mendota, Va." It is dated 1918.

Anyone with a certain (not just a guess!) name for the LF&M?

Ken Miller 
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