Roller Bearings and the Y6-b

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      If you’re a Trainorders member (I am not)you can go back and read Wes Camp’s writing on this subject recently . Very interesting  There were

a lot of reasons why probably it never happened . 


Larry Evans


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Subject: Roller Bearings and the Y6-b


There's an old saying that goes "there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers."  But I'm afraid I am about to ask a really dumb question. 


We all know that the last five Class A locomotives had roller bearings on their main and side rods.  But the Y6-b continued to be built long after the last Class A.  Yet the Y6-b never had roller bearings on the side and main rods.  I assume the reason was because the Class A was a high speed locomotive while the Y6-b, being compound, was a low speed puller.


I'd be interested if any one knows the reason the Y6-b never got the roller bearing treatment.


Bill King

Arlington, Virginia

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