Coal and water at Lurich

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Hello Jim,

Apparently, Lurich was quite the hotspot, given its proximity to the 
bottom between the New River and East River grades. According to Bill 
Harman, pushers and helpers were dispatched on movements from Lurich in 
both directions. Additional power would have gotten on eastbounds near 
Dry Branch for the climb up Schooler Hill.

Grant Carpenter

On 9/29/2019 9:00 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Abe
> You sure do ask a lot of questions in one post.?? I will not even 
> attempt to list water stations. First time I heard of Coal at Atkins 
> or Lurich. A lot of water at Lurich.
> Other Coal Stations - Elliston retired in 1927, Vicker on the journey 
> to Bristol, Dry Branch, Ripplemead, Pearisburg.
> Jim Blackstock
> On 9/28/2019 11:21 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
>> One thing I have always paid attention to is the coal and water 
>> situation on any operating division or engine district.
>> T.T. No. 1 of 12-3-1905, shows water at east Radford, New River, 
>> Pulaski, Clark, Wytheville, Crockett, Atkins, Marion, Glade Spring, 
>> Abingdon and Bristol.
>> The same T.T. shows coal at East Radford, Pulaski, Glade Spring and 
>> Bristol, all of which are to be expected.
>> But it also shows coal at Atkins, which had never seen before.
>> Does anyone know the nature of the Atkins coaling facility??? My 
>> guess is that it may have been one of those old "shovel platforms" on 
>> a side track, at approximate tender height, where the tender was 
>> drawn up beside the platform and everyone shoveled furiously to get 
>> some emergency coal in the tender.
>> (Someone will wonder about coal and water on the River side, so here 
>> it is:?? Water at West Roanoke, Salem, Elliston, between Montgomery 
>> and Houchins, Walton, Dry Branch, between Allen and Pembroke, Curve, 
>> Lurich, between Glen Lyn and Wills, Blake and Bluefield.?? Coal at 
>> West Roanoke, Walton, Lurich and Bluefield.?? It would be REALLY 
>> interesting to see how coal and water were handled ten years earlier, 
>> in, say, 1891, before the big Class G and Class W engines hit the 
>> property.)
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