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Gents.  Still trying to sort out access but in the meantime one of older notes asked for advice/guidance on best ballast product for N&W mainline/branch/yard use.  In photos mostly seems kind of a "whitish" color with a few chunks of darker stone thrown in? Maybe coal dropped from the tender?  Any help appreciated. Can also send to my usual mail at edsvitil at gmail.com.  Trying to change address and all that but might have to wait until my daughter gets home from school.


Ed Svitil
Alpharetta GA
N&W Historical Society #0317
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All of the e-mails that I have posted to the forum since said date have not been bounced and have posted shortly thereafter.

Here is the e-mail that I, and presumably Ed have received:
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Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA
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I'm not versed in e-mail issues, but they have "rules" among the servers for handling email.

It is not being hacked.  It is nothing the sender can do.  It's email protocol and conformity among the servers.

Sometimes the rules change, and e-mails have yet to catch up.  Sometimes the servers have bugs and emails get flagged and/or rejected.

Sometimes it's the provider.  In my case, Comcast is notorious for determining what I can receive or not.  I wish they would let me make that determination!

In some cases, I've gone to another email address (like gmail) so I can receive my email.

Stay alert, and observe what does or does not happen.

Kim Hensley

Huntsville, AL

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I received the same email earlier today as well. Not sure where it is coming from or why. Hopefully the moderators can address this issue.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood , GA

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Gents  I've gotten some notes from NW Modeling List saying my membership has been discontinued because of "Multiple bounces" going back to July?  I'm at a loss and have written again to what I think is a good NW Mailing List address.  I was asking what the best source of mainline/yard/branch ballast is and color - which looks whitish with a few darker flecks of stone in the photos I see in books.
If I need to fix something on my end, please let me know.  Thanks guys.

Ed Svitil
Alpharetta GA
NW Historical Society Member #0317.

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