Roundhouses in Roanoke

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I believe that was part of the complicated track configuration that served
the scrap wharf and American Bridge Corp. Of course this map doesn't show
every track involved there. See attached aerial in upper right for more


John Garner


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More interesting to me is the connection track coming off of the Roanoke
District (Shen. Div.) going to the Blue Ridge Dist. (Norf. Div.). Which begs
the question, why wasn't it kept in place? It sure would have come in handy
later on.

Jimmy Lisle

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For general interest.
Portion of a Roanoke map c.1930 by Sone Printing Co.
For a relatively small city . . . six roundhouses are shown standing at that
particular time. Not sure for how many years that was true. Ten at most?
John Garner, Newport VA

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