Railroad stories

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This eastbound mine run was put into a CTC middle track down on the west end 
of the Pokey to let hotshot #84 pass him.  As they were mooching down toward 
the east end of the siding, the signal bridge came into view with the signal 
lfor the middle track indicating "stop and stay"  and the one for the 
eastbound main showing a clear indication.  "Clear block" cried the 
conductor who was riding the engine.  "Wait a minute, " said the engineer. 
"youdon't get your choice of those things up there . . ."

-  Ed King

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These railroad stories are the bestest!!! Things like this you just don't 
read or get to hear everyday.
I think the society should dedicate a special issue of the Arrow, or perhaps 
a book with these stories in it, as a dedication to the men and women who 
lived it.

Jeff Wood
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