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Rated "PG".  Indeed, Marsden, NC seemed to be the centerof sin.  There were poker games 24/7, occasional fights, andthen there was a phone call received after reporting for dutyat 10:00 PM.  It was the Assistant Supt. in Raleigh.  He told methat the engineer and brakeman for the next day's No. 63 toRaleigh had been arrested.  He added that he didn't want No. 63
delayed and if I had any concerns about the future of the 2co-workers, I'd arrange my duties so that I could leave workat  3:00 AM, drive 8 miles to the Beaufort County jail and bailout the crew members using my money.
It seems that the two men were en route back from New Bern,where they had visited their "away-from-home" girl friends, whenthey were stopped by the highway patrol because the brakemanwas driving erratically. The patrolman had doubts that he could
cite the driver for a DUI and what started out as a warning endedin an arrest when the engineer asked the patrolman if he knewwhere his wife was.                                                                    Harry Bundy
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