Four Month Old N&W 611

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Fri Jul 26 23:36:18 EDT 2019

Ed King had it correct - this the west end of double track at the east end
of Tunnel 1, aka Panco. The way the road climbs straight up the hill before
making a zig-zag is the key feature that confirms it.  At Lower Burning Creek
the road curves immediately to the left as it climbs the hill.  At least as
the road runs in the digital age per Google Street View. I trust the road
hasn't been drasticly realigned through there in the last 70 years... :-)

A check of an 11/1/1950 Scioto Division Track Chart confirms the presence
of the short set-off siding in foreground at Panco while not showing one
at Lower Burning Creek.

Now, can anyone enlighten me to the origin of the name Panco? That name shows 
on a track chart draw in in 1950 revised to 1968, but not on an earlier track
chart last revised in 1950.

Joe Shaw

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